Sensistor Technologies has introduced the H2000™, which uses hydrogen as a tracer gas to detect leaks. This breakthrough industrial leak detection instrument offers exceptional leak testing capabilities in industries such as aerospace, automotive, fuel cell, HVAC systems, medical implants, and water systems. This portable hydrogen-based system also locates leaks in pressurized telephone cables, gas-filled power cables, petrol stations, gas pipelines, water pipes, water valves, water coolers, water supply, oil reservoirs, alternators, telecom/power switch boxes. H2000 is a compact and robust system that is extremely sensitive to hydrogen gas and can be used to detect leaks that are smaller than bacteria. Using a safe, non-hazardous 5% hydrogen in 95% nitrogen mixture, it offers flexible detection solutions for a variety of applications, including the ability to disclose and localize leaks, as well as the detection of leaks with high sensitivity, independent of temperature.Sensistor Technologies.