Selkirk L.L.C. has announced that its new Direct-Temp® direct vent system for gas appliances is now also UL listed for pellet burning appliances. Its two new innovative components allow the conversion of any pellet appliance into a simpler, cleaner and more efficient direct vent system. Direct-Temp's single pipe design integrates both a fresh air intake and a flue gas exhaust. The outer vent, supplying fresh outside air, is preheated for high-efficiency combustion. The inner pipe, made of 304 stainless steel that provides exceptional corrosion protection for wood pellets and corn, allows the exhaust gases to vent. The 304 stainless steel material of the inner pipe permits precision manufacturing tolerances, which ensures tight seals and added structural integrity of the system. The liner has a continuously welded seam, which is superior to lock seam designs that may leak.Selkirk L.L.C.