Issue: 6/04

After an announcement that the Camas, WA, city council would be considering a proposal to mandate fire sprinklers in new single-family home construction, the Building Industry Association of Clark County immediately requested that the city council delay any action. The mandate, which had the backing of the local fire marshal and several city council members, would have added roughly $2,500 to the cost of an average-sized house.

The Clark County BIA then developed a rebuttal to the proposal and an education campaign called the Fire Sprinkler Education Program to provide citizens in the Washington area that are interested in building a home with factual information about fire sprinklers. It also required contractors to receive a Residential Fire Sprinkler Material Information Kit with each permit application, and to have the home buyer or builder sign a receipt acknowledging that the education materials were read before the permit could be issued. The resulting vote ended in the defeat of the sprinkler proposal.