Danfoss Flomatic Corp. has introduced a new product performance enhancement of the ENVIRO Check Valve Series 80E and 100E. This also includes check valves in ductile iron Series 80DI and stainless steel Series 80SS and 100SS valves in a size range from 1" and 1 1/4". The new check valves are specially designed for submersible well water pumps, where the well water may initially contain clay and silt introduced during the well drilling process. The valve has also been designed to handle the finer particles of the aquifer around the well screen prior to putting the well into service without sticking open or closed. The new valve seat modification allows the valve to function with sand/silt solution concentrations up to 5% (by volume) in the well water. This is approximately a 50% performance increase from previous models.Danfoss Flomatic Corp.