Victaulic Co. offers a kit for the VE26 and VE46 in-place roll-grooving tools. The new kit allows for in-place manual or stationary roll grooving with a power drive on 2- to 6-inch pipe. The VE26 in-place roll-grooving tool grooves carbon steel, Schedule 10 (2- to 6-inch sizes) and Schedule 40 (2- to 3-inch sizes); lightwall stainless steel (2- to 6-inch sizes); and copper, PVC and aluminum. The VE46 grooves carbon steel, Schedules 5, 10, 40 (3.5- to 6-inch sizes); and Schedule 40 stainless steel (3.5- to 6-inch sizes). PN and DIN copper versions are also available. Victaulic pipe preparation tools are used to engage roll- or cut-grooved pipe with coupling to form a self-restraining joint and to ensure proper mechanical fit.Victaulic Co.