Hydrogen has been proposed as a clean source of energy for the new century. However, there are concerns that high-pressure hydrogen may cause some materials to experience unexpected cracking problems in service. It is also known that the manufacture of hydrogen may generate compounds that can cause some materials to crack or otherwise degrade. ASTM Committee G01 on Corrosion of Metals has created a new task group, G01.06.08, to explore the cracking problems that materials exposed to hydrogen may encounter.

The purpose of the new task group is to review potential problems with hydrogen as an energy source and to develop test methods and other standards that deal with the issues involved in using hydrogen in conjunction with other materials. All interested parties are invited to attend the first meeting of this task group during the ASTM November Committee Week meeting in Washington, DC. The task group is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee G01.06 on Environmentally Assisted Cracking.

For further technical information, contact task group chair Robert Zawierucha, Praxair, Inc., Tonawanda, NY, (716) 879-2490; bob_zawierucha@praxair.com.

Committee G01 meets Nov. 9-12, during the November Committee Week in Washington, DC. For membership or meeting details, contact Leonard F. Morrissey, Jr., ASTM International, (610) 832-9719; lmorriss@astm.org.