Due to industry demand, IAPMO has expanded its roll-in program for inspector certification.

Due to industry demand, the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials has expanded its roll-in program for inspector certification. If you are certified as a plumbing or mechanical inspector and have passed an inspector examination, you may be eligible for the IAPMO Special Voluntary Inspector Certification Roll-In Program.

"The roll-in program offers inspectors a streamlined way to become IAPMO certified, using the plumbing and mechanical knowledge they have acquired over the years," said Jay Peters, senior director of IAPMO Codes & Education. "While IAPMO does not mandate continuing education for its inspectors, we do recognize that most inspectors are keeping up with their professional education as they perform their day-to-day tasks."

IAPMO will accept the following ICC certifications into the program: 1997 UMC, 1997 IPC, 1997 UPC, 2000 IMC, 2000 UMC, 2000 IPC, 2000 UPC, 2003 IMC, 1997 IMC, and the 2003 IPC.

After submitting the required documentation, a 50-question, multiple-choice, take-home examination will be mailed out. After passing the exam, inspectors will receive a wallet card and wall certificate certifying their knowledge of the Uniform Mechanical or Plumbing Code developed by IAPMO. The certification must be renewed every three years.

To be eligible for the roll-in program, inspectors must submit the following:

  • A completed Voluntary Inspector Certification Roll-In Program Application.

  • A copy of your qualifying certification from the list above.

  • Your application/exam fee of $100 dollars.

For more information, contact the IAPMO Certification Dept. at (800) 85-IAPMO, (909) 472-4100, or visit www.iapmo.org.