Hilti offers several firestopping devices for fire protection. The Cast-In Firestop Family incldues the CP 680 device for plastic pipes, the CP 682 for metal pipe and electrical cables, the CP 681 Tub Box Kit, Firestop Aerator Adapter and Firestop Shower Drain. These devices are set to the construction forms prior to the pouring of concrete. The FS-ONE High Performance Intumescent Firestop is a water-based sealant designed to expand when exposed to heat, and it protects combustible and non-combustible penetrations for up to 4 hours fire rating. The FS 657 Fire Block and CP 658T Firestop Plug can be used for firestopping electrical and telecom through penetrations in fire walls and floors. The CP 620 Fire Foam allows access to through penetrations, cable trays, cable bundles, cable runs and multiple penetrations with combustible and non-combustible pipes.Hilti, Inc.