Completed this past summer, the $7.65 million renovation of ASHRAE’s headquarters includes a new learning and meeting center.  Sustainable measures include projected reduction in annual energy usage of:

  • More than 31.5% through use of a dedicated outdoor air supply with energy recovery and humidity control, ground-source heat pumps and variable refrigerant flow systems with heat recovery;
  • More than 52% reduction in water consumption by using low-flow or no-flow fixtures throughout the building;
  • An increase of outside air delivered to each space by 30% beyond minimum rates specified in ASHRAE’s Standard 62.1.

    “Our Living Laboratory provides value to ASHRAE members and the industry by allowing for evaluation of the ongoing energy and operational performance of the building at a level that is unprecedented in current commercial buildings,” Bill Harrison, ASHRAE president said. “The lab allows ASHRAE to contribute significantly to reducing energy use in buildings via future development of research and educational materials.”

    The renewal was funded through donations of more than $1.65 million in equipment, services and furnishings from more than 20 companies and individuals and the ASHRAE Foundation. One company was Georgia Power/Southern Co., which provided 170-watt photovoltaic modules that make up a solar electricity system. This system produces electricity during daylight hours and back feeds energy into an existing grid and electric water heater.

    Also donating are ITT/Bell & Gossett/James M. Pleasants Co. and the U.S. Green Building Council.