Issue: 6/02

On April 17th, NAHB formally withdrew from development of the new NFPA 5000 Building Code. In a letter to NFPA president and CEO, George D. Miller, NAHB questioned the benefit to public health and safety of developing a second set of national building codes to compete directly with the International Code Council’s family of codes.

It was noted that NAHB policy supports the concept of a single coordinated set of national model building codes that includes housing affordability as a major determinant in its development. Further, it expressed concern that the critical issue of housing affordability is being ignored in favor of property protection in the development of NFPA 5000. For these reasons, NAHB resigned its membership from the NFPA Technical Committees responsible for development of NFPA 5000.

This action is limited to NFPA 5000. NAHB plans to continue its current level of participation in the other NFPA codes and standards.