Evolve Corp. has introduced the Healthy Bathroom System that includes three products that eliminate mold, mildew, bacteria and unpleasant bathroom odor. The system addresses these health concerns by effectively removing the source of these problems through a ventilation and evacuation system that vents right at the source. The system is comprised of three components--FreshVent, ClearVent and SureFlush, which can be used alone or in combination, along with the DualAire fan. The FreshVent toilet bowl odor and bacteria evacuation system removes airborne bacteria, viruses and odors from the toilet by venting them during and after toilet usage. ClearVent bathroom steam evacuation system keeps bathroom moisture and shower steam from settling on walls and mirrors, preventing mold and mildew. The SureFlush automatic toilet flushing system eliminates the need to touch the toilet handle. Evolve Corp. www.evolvecorp.com