The Rheem-Ruud line of storage tank-type commercial water heaters has been expanded to include a new quartet of PowerPack Small-Volume ASME Commerical Electric Water Heaters. Because they are ASME water heaters, the PowerPack units feature heavier steel tanks that have been hydrostatically tested up to 300 lbs. per square inch. The PowerPack line encompasses four different gallon sizes and 10 different kilowatt inputs, with both single and three-phase options: Model E12A, with a 13-gal. storage capacity, and inputs from 3 kW to 9 kW; Model E20A, with 20-gal. storage and 3-18 kW; Model E30A, with 30-gal storage and 3-36 kW; and Model E40A, with 40-gal. storage and 3-36 kW. Four volt options are also offered: 208, 240, 277 and 480. The units also feature the System Sentinel Diagnostic System; the Lifeguard standard screw-in element; dual heavy-duty anode rods; and a full-port, full-flow brass drain valve.Rheem-Ruud Mfg.