G. R. Sponaugle & Sons, Inc. has announced that it is moving its shop operation to a new location within the Harrisburg, PA, area, and it is relocating its corporate offices to Hershey, PA.

Issue: 11/02

G. R. Sponaugle & Sons, Inc., headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, and specializing in engineering, construction and communications, has announced that it is moving its shop operation, which includes shipping, receiving, warehousing, prefabrication and fabrication, to a new location within the Harrisburg area. Exact details have yet to be finalized. In addition, the company plans to relocate its corporate and administrative departments to the former Hershey Middle School on East Granada Ave. in Hershey, PA. The move will essentially double the working areas of both core functions. G. R. Sponaugle will be investing roughly $4 million in renovation and improvements to the Hershey facility, thus readying it for occupancy of roughly 120 employees.