Issue: 11/02

The number of foreign nationals enrolling in engineering bachelor's degree programs is increasing significantly, according to a report released by the Engineering Workforce Commission. According to data in "Engineering & Technology Enrollments, Fall 2001," the enrollment level of foreign national students rose 18.6% at the freshman level and 14.7% at the graduate level.

While the number of women enrolled in engineering continues to climb, the report found that in 2001, female students declined as a percentage of engineering freshmen, falling from 18.9% to 18.3% of the freshman class. This downward trend has been developing over the last five years. However, women are still increasing both in number and percentage at the graduate level (from 10.0% to 10.3% at the master's level and from 6.2% to 6.6% at the doctoral level).

Total freshman enrollments in all engineering disciplines are up 5% from 2000, master's enrollments are up 5.4%, and doctoral enrollments are up 8.3%.

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