Heatlink's radiant heating system is comprised of PEX pipe, the TwistSeal flow balancing manifold, the Statlink control system and the #31320 system injection control. All parts have been designed and engineered to work together as one complete system. Starting from the boiler, the #31320 injection control replaces 4-way mixing valves, mixing valve motors, injection pumps, operating relays and much of the costly boiler room piping. The #31320 injection control simply injects just the right amount of water to satisfy the heating system demand. Using information gathered from multiple sensors, the control uses characterized logic to set the exact heating curve for each structure. At this point, Statlink takes over the control of each individual zone and completes the link to the Twistseal manifolds via the Statlink zone drive motors. Additionally, with the use of the setback module, the Statlink system allows for total system automation. Heatlink. www.heatlink.com