Premier-Pipe has announced the installation of its millionth foot of cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liner by licensee AM-Liner East. Hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Norfolk District), the team is in the process of rehabilitating a 42,000-acre maneuver training center sewer infrastructure using Premier-Pipe's CIPP process so that the Army can turn over the sewer system to the town of Blackstone, VA.

Due to concerns over offset joints and gaps causing major leaks in the system, this project was originally slated for complete dig and replacement estimated to cost $12 million. However, given the benefit of utilizing the Trenchless Technology methods available in today's market, the Corps of Engineers was able to save taxpayers $4.5 million while virtually eliminating the problems and costs associated with excessive inflow/infiltration (I/I) into the sewer system.

The $7.5 million contract was bid on and awarded to AM-Liner East, Inc. (a Premier-Pipe Licensee) Premier-Pipe (U.S. and International), Applied Felts (who is providing the custom liners used in CIPP process), and ALLPRO (the contractor performing pipe cleaning on the project) and Atlantic Coast Contractors, the subcontractor providing the excavation and replacement work on the project.

The team utilized manufacturer Applied Felts to create custom felt liners. The liners were thick enough to serve as a stand-alone tight-fitting pipe capable of structurally rehabilitating the old pipe, yet maintaining or increasing maximum hydraulic flow. The relining of the sewer mains portion of the rehabilitation project will be completed in less than one year without ever interrupting the training facility. Once completed, this project will essentially provide the town of Blackstone with a "new" sewer system. According to the Small Business Administration for the Norfolk District, this is the single largest project ever awarded to a small business within the Norfolk District Corps of Engineers. This is also the single largest project awarded to AM-Liner East, Inc.

The project includes the rehabilitation of 111,000 linear feet of 8" through 30" diameter sewers using Premier-Pipe CIPP lining. The plan includes the rehabilitation of 4,240 vertical feet of manholes (451 manholes) using CIPP manhole liners; removal and replacement of 9,360 linear feet of sanitary sewer mains, ranging in size from 6" through 15"; and the installation and replacement of 27 sewer manholes. The plan also calls for the construction of one new sewer pump station, new installation of 3,220 linear feet of 6" sewer force main and the replacement of 34,020 linear feet of 6" sewer laterals.

AM-Liner East mobilized and began work in late September 2001, with ALLPRO starting the cleaning/CCTV operations. CIPP lining work commenced in late October. Since November, AM-Liner East has installed over 60,000 linear feet of Premier-Pipe CIPP and has rehabilitated approximately 130 manholes using their newly acquired Multiplex cured-in-place manhole liner technology licensed through Terre Hill Composites. For more information on this project, visit