A new water cooler featuring a high-tech appearance and enhanced operation has been introduced by Halsey Taylor. Called Voyager, the new line offers a smooth design and rounded corners for safety. Because there are no exposed sharp edges or louvers, Voyager is ideal for schools and other installations where child safety is a concern. Voyager's design is further enhanced by an impact-resistant cabinet that is molded from a space-age polymer. The two-tone gray composite material is molded clear through to resist scratches and vandalism, as well as damage caused by sunlight, heat and moisture. The cabinet is also easily cleaned using a damp cloth or a mild detergent. The Voyager line includes a single unit, a bi-level unit and hands-free models with electronic sensors. When installed properly, the barrier-free Voyager meets the requirements of ADA for both children and adults. The Voyager bi-level model is especially appropriate for meeting the needs of both individuals in wheelchairs and the general public. Voyager water coolers also feature self-closing light-touch push bars that require minimal pressure to activate, a sleek stainless steel basin with integral strainer, and the company's Double Bubbler, a patented projector with two streams of water that converge to provide a fuller drink. Voyager is also lightweight and features a large opening at the back of the unit that makes most retrofit applications easier. And, once the unit is installed, routine service and maintenance can be easily performed through the front by removing the bottom panel.Halsey Taylor. www.halseytaylor.com