The IAPMO Standards Council has released the names of members of the UPC and UMC Technical Committees.

The IAPMO Standards Council has released the names of those chosen to serve as members of the Uniform Plumbing Code Technical Committee and the Uniform Mechanical Code Technical Committee. The UPC Technical Committee members are: Courtney Arford, Douglas County Building Inspector; Paul W. Cabot, American Gas Association; Sidney L. Cavanaugh, United Association; Ian Chang, Intertek Testing Services; Richard W. Church, Plastic Pipe & Fittings Association; Shannon Corcoran, American Society of Sanitary Engineers; Donald F. Dickerson, Donald F. Dickerson Associates, Inc.; Kenneth A. Ford, National Association of Home Builders; Lawrence Gibson, Intertek Testing Services; John M. Halliwill, IAPMO; Gary Hile, Municipality of Anchorage; Andrew G. Kireta, Jr., Copper Development Association; Morrie Klimboff, M Klimboff Consulting; John J. Kraus ka, Murphy Co.; Theodore C. Lemoff, NFPA International; William H. LeVan, Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute; Perry Meikle, Underwriters Laboratories; Gerald Phariss, UA Southeast Training Center; Robert J. Rawlings, State of Idaho; Phillip H. Ribbs, City of San Jose; Anthony Scarano, Plastics Piping Consultant; Terry Swisher, State of Oregon Building Codes Division; John K. Taecker, Underwriters Laboratories; David Viola, Plumbing Manufacturers Institute; James O. Weflen, Copper Development Association; William C. Whitehead, Plumbing & Drainage Institute; and Richard J. Zannini, City of Manchester.

The UMC Technical Committee members are: Arford; Cabot; Cavanaugh; Chang; Church; Joe Creek, City of Bettendorf; Don Denton, DESA International; Gibson; Kireta, Jr.; Lemoff; Larry R. Miller, Cornerstone Propane; Richard A. Morris, National Association of Home Builders; Nasser Nikravi, State of California; Jay Peters, Construction Data; Hari Ramanathan, IAPMO; Ribbs; Roger Rotundo, City of Phoenix Development Services; Taecker; April Trafton, Donald Dickerson Associates; and Weflen.

In addition to announcing these names, the Council indicated that applications from those persons not chosen would be held on file and consideration would be given to adding additional members to these committees in the coming months. The Council also urged that interested parties continue to submit applications for future consideration on these committees.