ERICO has expanded its line of CADDY fasteners for acoustical applications in walls and ceilings to include: hammer on flange clips, which easily support drop wire or locate a portable 1/4-in. hole with just a hammer; deck hangers, that support #8 wire, 1/4-in. or 3/8-in. plain or threaded rod and 1-in. strap from cellular floors with hanger tabs; multi-flange rod hangers, which are versatile clips that support drop rods from C or Z purlin; and lathers channel hangers, that attach to lathers channel to support drop rods/wires or t-grids. Fasteners are also available for t-grid/partition applications, including t-grid splicing clips, independent support clips, twist-on fixture supports, and a lock-on twist clip that fastens directly to the tee bar. ERICO.