Issue: 7/01

Twenty-five Business News Publishing Co. titles, including PM Engineer, have now implemented iCopyright's Instant Clearance Service on their Web sites to make it easy for readers to license and purchase articles for commercial reuse. iCopyright is a provider of copyright compliance and licensing of digital content services, and is based in the Seattle, WA, area.

By clicking on the iCopyright icon, readers can license, purchase and receive content instantly, in bulk formatted e-mail, PDFs, or Web reprint formats.

"Business News Publishing is one of our key content partners in the realm of trade publishing," said Mike O'Donnell, CEO of "Their industry-specific content is invaluable to readers in the contracting, facilities, and manufacturing trades. We look forward to serving those readers and developing a new revenue stream for the company."

Other Business News Publishing titles that now offer the Instant Clearance Service include Plumbing and Mechanical, Floor Covering Installer, Point of Beginning, ICS Cleaning Specialist, and Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration News. Several other Business News Publishing Web sites plan to go live with the Instant Clearance Service later this year.

"We're excited about the relationship between iCopyright and BNP," said Joseph Ursitti, Business News Publishing's online editorial manager. "The Instant Clearance Service helps us protect our content and gives our readers the convenience of real-time access to purchase articles. iCopyright helps us effectively manage the entire process."

The Instant Clearance Service is the only digital rights management solution that licenses and fulfills digital content instantly. By implementing the Instant Clearance Service on their site, publishers monetize their content, turning every article into a standalone product available for purchase. Every PDF, web reprint, or e-mail fulfilled by the Instant Clearance Service carries the publisher's brand. Each piece of licensed content also includes a link back to the original article, driving traffic back to the publisher's site. By making it easy to license content, publishers not only make it easy for readers to do the right thing; it also helps them tap into the power of informal business networks, open up new distribution channels and gain the maximum benefit from pass-along readership.

Earlier this year, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) recognized iCopyright as the best digital rights management solution. The SIIA Codie is considered one of the software industry's top honors.