Doctors, lawyers and police get more media attention than engineers. Take a look through the latest television listings and try to find a show about engineers. There aren't any. As a result, the general population knows more about resuscitation, bond hearings and Miranda Rights than it does about building design.

A recent survey by Zweig White & Associates, Inc., asked industry 100 firms, "How accurate do you feel the media's perception of the A/E/P and environmental consulting industry is?" The results? An overwhelming 96% chose the response, "Non-existent: We're 'missing in action' to the popular media." The remaining 4% felt that the media's portrayal of the A/E/P and environmental consulting industry was accurate.

Richard Friedman, principal in charge of marketing consulting at Zweig White & Associates, suggests that part of the problem may rest with the firms themselves, which do little to promote themselves to the public.

"With a few exceptions," Friedman says, "firms do a shameful job of marketing themselves to the outside world. Instead of giving the media self-serving, self-promotional content that focuses on features at the expense of benefits, they should provide them with something they can actually use."

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