Burnham moves from humble beginnings to industry leader.

In 1873, Burnham Corporation manufactured its first boilers to heat greenhouses they produced. Today, Burnham has one of the industry's most extensive line of residential and commercial boilers, radiant heating equipment, indirect-fired water heaters and system controls.

Burnham was originally located in upstate New York and known as Lord's Horticultural Company, after Frederick A. Lord, who began constructing greenhouses for amateur gardeners in 1856. Lord enlisted the help of his son-in-law, William Addison Burnham, to produce the company's first boiler, a cast iron sectional unit.

In 1922, Burnham built a foundry and machine shop in Lancaster, Pa., the company's current headquarters. There are now 475 people working for "America's Boiler Company." Burnham has continued to grow, evidenced by the introduction in 1997 of Burnham Radiant Heating Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Burnham Corporation.