Twentypounds will form a consortium of Internet-based construction companies.

Twentypounds (, a consortium of commercial building contractors, will partner with an existing Internet company to speed the adoption of Web-based technology in the commercial construction industry. Twentypounds' members include Austin Industries; BE&K Inc.; The Beck Group; Beers Construction (a unit of Skanska); Centex Construction Group; DPR Construction, Inc.;Linbeck Construction; Manhattan Construction; Morse Diesel International, Inc.; The Pepper Cos. and Turner Corp., as well as FMI Corp., management consultants to the construction industry.

Among the Internet companies in negotiations with the consortium are Bidcom, Buildpoint, Buzzsaw and Cephren. Once the consortium commits to a partner, the construction companies associated with Twentypounds will use that Internet provider's systems for its projects around the country, including bidding, program management and procurement activities.