Here are the latest products available from the industry.

Addressable Control Panel

Fire-Lite Alarms, introduces the MS-9200UDLS addressable control panel, which combines the capabilities of a fire alarm control panel (FACP) and digital alarm communicator/transmitter (DACT) into one circuit board. Offering the latest in fire protection technology, the MS-9200UDLS features LiteSpeedTM, a Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) protocol that simultaneously polls ten devices at a time. The patented LiteSpeed technology polls the device several times to receive the new data--allowing a fully loaded panel to report an incident and activate the notification circuits in less than 10 seconds. With LiteSpeed, devices can be wired on standard twisted and unshielded wire with distances up to 10,000 feet per

Compact Hydraulic Pumps

The PACO VSM Vertical Space Miser series of pumps from Grundfos CBS represents a whole new configuration of water pumps and is designed to dramatically save on floor space. All models feature "top-top" same-sized suction and discharge that eliminates elbows and suction guides, and the vertical motor further reduces footprint size. The VSM (closed coupled) and VSMS (spacer/ split coupled) designs are standard in ductile iron and dual volumes, require no grouting, and will allow both vertical forces and torsional moments. The most recent hydraulic sizes introduced are 4 x 4 – 9.5, 4 x 4 -12, 5 x 5 -12, and 8 x 8 –

Mechanical Valve Interlocks

New QL and GL mechanical valve interlocks from Smith Flow Control ensure potentially hazardous valve operations are performed in the correct sequence, eliminating the possibility of operator error or deliberate sabotage. The interlocks can be integrated with any size of ball, plug, gate, butterfly and globe valve. Because they simply replace the original handwheels or levers, the QL and GL interlocks are easily retro-fitted to an operational plant without requiring shut-down. In addition, their fitting does not compromise the certified pressure envelope of host valves. Fitting kits can either be bespoke or as universal

Drain Flashing

NobleFlex® Drain Flashing from the Noble Company allows for a smooth transition of a waterproofing membrane to a clamping ring drain, even when the drain is set low. NobleFlex Drain Flashing allows thin-set waterproofing membranes (like NobleSeal® TS) to be used with standard clamping ring drains and offers an alternative to integrated bonding flange drains. Installation is easy. Simply attach NobleFlex Drain Flashing into the clamping ring and bond the waterproofing membrane to NobleFlex. Water that reaches the membrane can flow through the weep holes in the clamping ring drain. Flashings are available in two sizes:  ¾” deep and 1-½”

Residential Pendant Sprinkler

The Viking Corp. announces the availability of a new cULus listed 4.9 K factor residential pendent sprinkler, the VK468. This latest addition to Viking’s Freedom® line offers flow and pressure characteristics at coverage areas up to 20 x 20 ft. The VK468 also is available in155°F (68°C) and 175°F (79°C) temperature ratings, as well as a domed concealed model. The sprinkler can cover 12 x 12 ft. through 18 x 18 ft. rooms as well as 20 x 20 ft. rooms. Both the VK468 compliments the company’s VK438 sprinkler and both are cULus listed for ceilings with