The following manufacturer listing was mistakenly left out of the Dec. 2006 issue of PM Engineer.

Green Turtle Americas Ltd.
201 S. Tryon Street,
Suite 1475,
Charlotte, NC 28202
Fax: (704) 295-1734
Roland Dubois, Natl. Sales Mgr.

Oil, grease and solids separators engineered to meet local effluent regulations.

Trade Name Listing:Proceptor™ -oil, grease and solids separator; PHIX™-neutralization systems.

Product Listing:L40 alarms; grease/oil removal units; separator systems; separators; separators, solids; A30 tanks, acid resisting; S60 tanks, storage, non-metallic; I50 traps, interceptors, grease; wastewater treatment.