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Surreal Silver Monster Is a Plumber's Nightmare

Wiltshire, U.K.-based artist Anthony Wilson ( has created the ultimate plumber's nightmare in the shape of the Silver Monster sculpture built from discarded radiators and a water tank.

The Silver Monster is the latest creation in Wilson's decidedly offbeat collection of artwork, which is all created from recycled material. "The body and legs of the Monster are made from salvaged radiators,"

Presenting a Plethora of Putrid Prose

If you're a lover of good writing, go read one of the classics. But if you're one of those folks who thinks effort counts as much as results, these are the 10 winners of the Bulwer-Lytton contest-aka "Dark and Stormy Night Contest"

Signs for All Occasions

Sign over a gynecologist's office:
"Dr. Jones, at your cervix."