Contractors in 42 states requiring or requesting Energy Code compliance can now do their heating and cooling load, and easily pass all their work over to REScheck™, DOE's software, without duplication, or to Florida's Engauge™ energy code software, or to REM/Rate™ for HERS analysis. This labor-saver multiplies to tens of thousands of building permits across the U.S.

Wrightsoft's latest version of Right-Suite Residential™ now links directly to energy code software without leaving Right-Suite™ or having to enter information twice. The easy-to-use link instantly shows if a design is compliant with the specific code enforced in each of 38 states requiring REScheck, three voluntary Model Energy Code states, and Florida, which uses Engauge. For information, call Wrightsoft at (800) 225-8697, e-mail at, or visit (link below).