The International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) will be held Jan. 23-25 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Here are some products that will be on display at the show.

Bryan Boilers

Bryan (booth 4762) offers new Flexible Water Tube Boilers, including the new Bryan Compliance+® Series hot water and steam boilers featuring Bryan's new Ultra Low Nox Boiler/Burner design. These gas-fired boilers utilize the latest metal fiber burner technology combined with air-fuel ratio control and a PID controller to provide a 4-to-1 turndown ratio and corrected Nox levels of sub 12 ppm through the entire turndown range. Available as either hot water or steam (15 psig/150 psig) in four inputs: 2,100 mbh, 2,400 mbh, 2,700 mbh and 3,000 mbh. Also new is the Bryan RV Series boiler with the revolutionary "Rapid Mix"

Fenwal Controls Gas Ignition/Digital Temperature Controller

Fenwal Controls (booth 4735) announces its new SYSTEM ONE gas ignition + temperature controller for commercial and industrial OEM customers. Developed for gas-fired applications, the SYSTEM ONE combines automatic gas ignition with Fenwal's flexible Series 59 digital temperature controller, featuring a bright, three-digit LED digital display. The duty-matched components of the SYSTEM ONE communicate to provide easy access to setpoint, actual temperatures, set-up parameters, as well as system status and diagnostics, in clear, alphanumeric display.Fenwal Controls. Circle 405.

ORIVAL Water Filters

ORIVAL (booth 6117) Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters remove micron-size suspended solids, independent of specific gravity, from water in once-through and recirculating systems, such as cooling, process, reclaim, effluent, intake and wash waters. Single filters handle flow rates to 12,000 gpm; units can be banked to handle unlimited flows. The automatic self-cleaning cycle is line pressure powered, takes only seconds and does not interrupt system flow. Installation can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal in new or existing piping systems.ORIVAL Water Filters. Circle 406.

HydroTherm Boilers

HydroTherm (booth 4232), a leading manufacturer of cast-iron commercial and residential boilers and heating systems, offers the KN Series, a family of high-efficiency commercial, gas-fired boilers that feature a self-adaptive design which is tolerant to changing conditions. All KN boilers (the KN-6, the KN-10 and the new KN-20) combine the high efficiency and small footprint of a modern copper boiler with the long life and reliability of a cast iron boiler. Each KN boiler is manufactured with Mestek's unique Tru-Flow™ technology to control the air fuel mixture at all firing rates and venting conditions.HydroTherm. Circle 407.

RBI Boilers

RBI's (booth 4232) next generation of sealed combustion, direct vent, Futera boilers feature full modulation and 3:1 turndown, and supply the precise amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without over-firing and wasting energy. Futera boilers feature a variety of quality components, including a rugged, four-pass design and a gasket-free heat exchanger with bronze headers and fittings to prevent rust and corrosion for the life of the boiler. Finned tubes are industrial-grade copper with fins and tube walls formed as one for maximum heat transfer.RBI. Circle 409.