Uponor Wirsbo recently released its 2005 HCT Mini-Camp schedule. Wirsbo's innovative Mini-Camp-an interactive hands-on experience-has trained more than 6,500 contractors over the past 10 years. Participants explore radiant heating-how and why it works, and how and why to increase revenue. Mini-Camp I demonstrates:

  • Radiant system design and applications.

  • Installation options-the right method for the right job.

  • Energy-management systems.

  • The science of comfort.

  • Primary/secondary piping strategies.

  • Outdoor reset applications.

Mini-Camp II builds on what contractors learn during Mini-Camp I, and delves into a few select topics, including:

  • Advanced Design Suite™ (ADS) design software.

  • Boiler piping and sizing.

  • Primary/secondary piping dynamics.

  • Circulator sizing.

  • Flow and head-loss calculations.

  • Outdoor reset control strategies using the pro Series controls.

  • TruFLOW™ manifolds and proPANEL® introduction.

Mini-Camp I is a prerequisite for Mini-Camp II.

Five Mini-Camp I classes were originally scheduled for 2005; however, one has reached enrollment capacity. Additionally, five Mini-Camp II open enrollment classes are currently available.

The remaining Mini-Camp I training dates in 2005 are:

  • April 7-9

  • July 21-23

  • Oct. 6-8

  • Nov. 3-5

The 2005 Mini-Camp II training dates are:

  • June 23-25

  • August 18-20

  • September 8-10

  • October 20-22

"Contractors are encouraged to register with their manufacturer representative as soon as possible," says John Barba, Wirsbo national training manager. "Mini-Camp fills up quickly. In fact, one of our five originally scheduled Mini-Camp I classes is already closed, and all class spots were filled by March in 2003 and 2004."

To find the manufacturer rep in your area, call (800) 321-4739.