A-C Fire Pumps Systems® has introduced new 1250/1500 gpm vertical in-line fire pumps to complement its existing Series 1580 pumps. Series 1580 is designed for commercial, industrial and institutional applications, and includes capacities from 35 to 1,500 gpm, and pressure ranges from 40 to 165 psi. The Series 1580 pump features superior performance with quality construction, as well as compact design, requiring up to 30% less space. It is also suitable for retrofit applications with limited space for a pump room. Easily installed, it is available in a wide range of sizes. The self-venting design of the new pump eliminates the need for an automatic air release valve. Suction and discharge flanges are on a common centerline, 180 degrees apart, and are equally sized to simplify piping and installation.A-C Fire Pumps Systems®.