Gamewell has introduced SmartScan, a new, fully digital communications protocol.

Gamewell, a manufacturer of commercial fire alarm control panels and emergency life safety systems, and part of the Honeywell Life Safety Group, has introduced SmartScan, a new, fully digital communications protocol for improved event-reporting speed and accuracy. SmartScan provides alarm verification per detector and polling speed that is 10-15 times faster than existing protocols. The new protocol reduces panel end-to-end response to less than five seconds and supports 198 devices per loop (99 detectors and 99 modules). Additional SmartScan benefits include detector adjustability and compensation, as well as adjustable analog heat detector range circuit isolation and priority interrupts. The protocol also enables longer loop distances-up to 12,000 feet of twisted pair, parallel pair, THHN and shielded wire types. With SmartScan, one loop poll now covers 10 devices. SmartScan also allows for a greater variety of detection devices and Input/Output (I/O) modules. SmartScan is available on all Gamewell IdentiFlex 600 Series fire control panels.Gamewell.