TOTO USA has expanded its EcoPower™ product line with the introduction of the first sensor-operated flush valve for toilet and urinal whose power source is completely self-sufficient. These chrome fittings generate their own power as water spins a small internal turbine when the unit is flushed. Stored in a series of capacitors, this auto-generated electrical energy powers the flush valve's sensor eye, microprocessor and solenoid. During periods of infrequent use, the EcoPower Electronic Flush Valve's (EFV) solid-core manganese dioxide lithium battery serves as a back-up power source. With as few as 10 uses per day, the EcoPower EFV's battery life far exceeds that of most public restroom EFVs, which rely on disposable batteries (that need regular replacement) or require hardwiring to the building's electrical system (significantly increasing installation cost). The EcoPower EFV's self-adjusting sensor does not require manual calibration. The sensor's detection beam pulses, instead of monitoring continuously, removing unnecessary strain on the sensor eye and increasing battery life. To save electricity, the EcoPower EFV records its usage patterns, then reduces its beam cycles during non-peak use periods. Its sensor eye looks down at 15-degree down-deflection to detect children and wheelchairs easily and prevent the ghosting that leads to false reads.TOTO USA.