Halsey Taylor has introduced a line of vandal-resistant coolers designed for a wide variety of applications. Halsey Taylor HVR Water Coolers are available as a single (model HVR8-CHILD ADA) and bi-level (model HVR8BL-CHILD ADA) barrier-free unit. Vandal-resistant features include: a chrome-plated vandal-resistant bubbler, single-action mechanical pushbuttons that require no grasping or twisting, a heavy-duty 16-gauge galvanized frame and vandal-resistant pinned torx screws. The stainless steel satin finish not only resists stains and corrosion, but also looks great in any setting, inside and outside. Available optional features include louver screens to discourage tampering, water filters, 220-240 volt and a factory-installed frost-resistant option. www.halseytaylor.com. Halsey Taylor.