Controlled Energy Corp. has launched the new Ariston Pro Ti electric water heater line.

Controlled Energy Corp. (CEC), distributors of Ariston point-of-use electric water heaters, has launched the new Ariston Pro Ti line. These innovative heaters incorporate titanium in the manufacture of their tanks. Titanium produces greater tensile strength, allowing the Ariston Pro Ti tanks to better withstand constant expansion and contraction. The end result is greater longevity for consumers. This exceptional longevity is reflected by its 8-year warranty, which is 33% longer than the next longest warranty in the industry. Ariston Pro electric point-of-use water heaters install beneath sinks with either plug-in or hardwired connections. Because the Ariston Pro is point-of-use, it offers the advantages of saving water, space, and energy and can be used in many situations where hot water is needed. The Ariston Pro water heater saves energy by eliminating long runs of pipe and long waits for hot water at the tap when installed under the sink.Controlled Energy Corp.