Firepower® has launched a new family of plasma cutting systems called the A-Series. The A-Series family includes three new units for cutting metal across the entire range of cutting applications, from light gauge sheet metal to 3/4" plate. Individual units making up the A-Series family include the FP-20A, FP-35A and FP-70A. Cutting applications for A-Series units range from automotive repair to HVAC installation to metal fabrication and metal art. While A-Series units are especially suited to the automotive market, these machines are right for virtually any cutting job, as they are able to cut all electrically conductive metals cleanly. Respective outputs on A-Series machines are: FP-20A = 20 Amps at 115 VAC and 25 Amps at 230 VAC; FP-35A = 15 to 35 Amps at 230 V; and FP-70A = 25 to 75 Amps at 230 V. A-Series units are equipped with the revolutionary 1Torch"