Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona, has published an opinion paper entitled, "Sanitation and Public Health Issues of Flush Type Urinals vs. Waterfree Urinals." The opinion paper explains Dr. Gerba's conclusion that "the use of waterfree urinals would result in a significant improvement in public restroom hygience. Flush type urinals are far more likely to be colonized by bacteria because of the greater presence of moisture, to serve as reservoirs of disease causing microorganisms, and to cause the widespread dissemination of microorganisms in a restroom because of the generation of aerosols during flushing."

Dr. Gerba's paper also discusses how the sealant liquid in the trap at the base of a waterfree urinal is more than adequate to prevent sewer gases and associated microorganisms from entering restrooms. It also concludes there is no significant risk from infectious microorganisms that might be present in cartridges after land disposal in landfills. Finally, the paper offers a detailed list of documents cited and reviewed by Dr. Gerba in the preparation of his paper.

A complete copy of the paper can be viewed and downloaded from the Falcon Waterfree Technologies website at www.falconwaterfree.com.