Eurotherm has released the 2704BC Boiler Controller.

Eurotherm, a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instrumentation for process control and data acquisition products, and a unit of Invensys plc, has released the 2704BC Boiler Controller. The 2704BC is a comprehensive electronic control solution that addresses all aspects of package boiler control, including pressure, level, and total dissolved solids control. The 2704BC has the ability to be connected to industry-standard conductivity probes that measure TDS levels. Once measured, the 2704BC advanced control algorithm provides precise TDS control through the activation of continuous blowdown valves. Bottom blowdown can also be automated through the use of the 2704BC real-time clock. The 2704 offers a configurable graphical display technology that allows multiple control functions to be displayed in a user friendly manner. Eurotherm also released the 5000 Steam Flow Computer. The 5000 series is a range of data recorders that offers a comprehensive math package for steam flow computing. The 5000 Steam Flow Computer can be an effective tool for managing and measuring the energy used by a boiler or boiler house. The 5180V and the 5100V offer steam flow computing within the industry-standard 180 mm and 100 mm panel-mounting footprint. The 5000s offer all saturated steam calculations for energy management, including mass flow, heat flow and heat consumed.Eurotherm.