Roth Industries offers its plumbing system featuring PEX tubing manufactured to ASTM F 876/877 and pressure rated by PPI at 73 degrees, 180 degrees and 200 degrees F. Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Roth PEX tubing meets NSF Standard 14 and 61 for mechanical properties and health effects. And Roth's PEX tubing is easy to handle and easy to install. A 300-ft. coil of 1/2" tubing weighs only 16 lbs., and the tubing is flexible, clean, corrosion free, freeze-resistant, quiet and maintenance free. Roth also offers compatible PEX fittings manufactured to ASTM F 1807, the non-proprietary standard for PEX fittings. Wider crimp rings on the fittings allow fast and secure connections.Roth Industries, Inc.