MSA Instrument Division announces the release of a new instrument in the Stellar® Series Portable Instrument product line: the Orion® FX Multigas Detector. The Orion FX Multigas Detector is a low-priced, reliable, and easy-to-use portable instrument for detecting the presence of O2, H2S, CO, and combustible gas. The Orion FX Detector offers all of the advanced detection features of the best-selling Orion Multigas Detector, but with an improved LEL sensor that has faster response and release times for toluene, xylene, and other aromatic hydrocarbons. With these enhancements, the Orion FX Detector is ideal for use in the chemical and petrochemical markets, where fast detection and clearing of aromatic hydrocarbons is crucial. The Orion FX Detector features one-button calibration, rugged construction with excellent resistance to dust and water penetration, and a 16- to 20-hour run time.MSA Instrument Division.