UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) announced June 8 that it had acquired Sparks Technology, Inc. (STI), the exclusive patented license holder of the Bonded Particulate Structure (BPS). BPS is the process in which activated carbon is bonded into a monolithic form that still maintains a significant level of open pore structure. This new structure provides major advantages over existing filtration technologies.

Combining the unique technologies of UVDI and STI enables both companies to freely develop and launch hybrid technology products envisioned for their customer's specific needs, while also opening up a number of new markets previously unavailable to either company. Development has already begun on products suited for the mold remediation, medical products and indoor air quality markets. The combined technical and engineering capabilities of each company are also expected to vastly enhance existing OEM branded product relationships.

UVDI is a manufacturer of UV products for air and water treatment. Sparks is an OEM supplier to industries including industrial and commercial HVAC, automotive, micro-electronics, medical and specialty applications related to air and water purification. Dan Goetz, President of UVDI, said; "I am extremely energized about the acquisition of Sparks Technology, Inc. This combination brings proprietary bonded carbon technology to UVDI, which, when combined with UVDI's industry leading UV technology, will enable the creation of products to address Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems with complete system solutions for commercial and residential applications."