Energen Industries Ltd. has introduced the Aqua Geyser instant water heater and Aqua Geyser Radiant hydronic floor heater. Energen has directed its research to the technology of cost-effective solutions for water heaters. The company and its partners have developed an electronic tankless water heater that heats on demand. The specific modulation of elements by a microprocessor maintains the outlet water at a preset temperature (supervised with precision thermistors and secured by a flow sensor and other features), while reducing the electricity consumption by 15-30%. The hydronic model AG-R is designed to be used with a heat exchanger or radiant floor heater. The Model AG-M (6, 9.5, 12, and 18 kw) and Model AG-R (6, 9.5, 12 and 18 kw) are also available.Energen Industries Ltd.