Lochinvar Corp. is merging two of its most advanced technologies into a single product line-Copper-Pak®. The new design teams a high-efficiency Copper-Fin® water heater with a dedicated Lock-Temp™ hot water storage tank. The newly upgraded Copper-Fin atmospheric series water heater operates at a remarkable 82% thermal efficiency. With Copper-Pak, the water heater is mounted on top of the storage tank in a unique design that reduces the system footprint. All piping is completed at the factory, so the unit ships in one box, ready for installation. Also, the Copper-Pak is only half the weight of comparable water heaters, thanks to Lochinvar's Loch-Heat™ ceramic insulation tiles. Copper-Pak comes equipped with a factory-installed, all-bronze 1/6 hp circulating pump to ensure scale-free heater performance.Lochinvar Corp.