The updated and fully revisedEngineered Plumbing Design IIis now available from the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE). Originally written by Alfred Steele, P.E., CIPE, with a second edition in 1982, the book has been re-edited and fully revised by A. Cal Laws, P.E., CPD, and has been further reviewed and edited by Frank G. Teebagy, P.E., CIPE, and Harold L. Olson, P.E., utilizing their comprehensive notes from their extensive classroom use of the original book and ASPE's director of technical services, Jill J. Dirksen.Engineered Plumbing Design IIis a reference for basic plumbing design of drainage, waste and vent, storm, and domestic water systems for commercial and residential buildings. The book is available from ASPE online