A rendering of the First Security Center.
When your facility is comprised of a variety of different entities, each with different safety needs and each governed by unique safety codes, your fire safety system needs to be a quick thinker: both decisive and responsive. How fast-acting does it need to be? In the case of First Security Center in Little Rock, AR, their fire safety system faced a trial by fire just weeks after the building opened and passed the test with flying colors.

The brand new 14-story mixed-use First Security Center is in the heart of the fast-growing Little Rock River Market District, a hub for entertainment and urban living. Located a couple of blocks from the new Clinton Presidential Library, it is comprised of a Marriott Courtyard hotel on floors 1-6, a bank on the first level, a trading firm on floors 7-10, and personally owned condos on floors 11-14. Protecting the First Security Center required some important and challenging executive decisions.

"Most of these decisions were initially laid in the lap of Moses Tucker Real Estate,"

The FCI NetSOLO system.

831 Devices in Constant Communication

"Moses Tucker Real Estate opted for a state-of-the-art FCI NetSOLO fire alarm and voice evacuation system,"

The First Security Center.

Trial By Fire

It didn't take long for the FCI system to prove its value. Shortly after the building opened for occupancy, a condo resident was lighting a gas fireplace. Unfortunately, he failed to ventilate the area after he bled the volatile gas line of air. After he lit the fireplace, it exploded.