The Radiant Panel Association's (RPS) regional RadFest West, held in Tacoma, WA, May 1- 3, 2006, drew more than 300 radiant heating industry people. RadFest is a radiant heating conference that includes seminars, classes, roundtable discussions, trade show (with more than 40 exhibitors) and product presentations. Seminars included topics on floor coverings, drawings, documentation, solar and electric floor warming.

Featured speaker Robert Bean captured the group with an intriguing look into the future of not only radiant, but also consumers in general, with the "baby boomer bubble" moving into retirement. John Siegenthaler challenged the audience with a series of examples of "what's wrong with this schematic."

Following an afternoon of walking the trade show and sitting in on the PitStop presentations by exhibitors on products and services, attendees were treated to a reception, sponsored by Caleffi, complete with great food and plenty of socializing. The next morning there was a roundtable breakfast known as RadNet Live, which was an extension of the conversations that occur on the RPA's RadNet bulletin board website. The final day of the event included the all- day Radiant Basics and Radiant Precision courses, taught by Bill Shady and John Siegenthaler, respectively. Both classes were full and the attendees gave them rave reviews.

Although RadFest West was a regional show, some attendees came a great distance to attend. Moses Fischmann of ENY Mechanical, Brooklyn, NY, said he was glad he travelled across the country to come to RadFest West, where he was able to speak with many people and gain information on products and technology that he was looking for. For more information on the Radiant Panel Association, visit or call (800) 660-7187.