Little Giant® Pump Co. has introduced a new line of energy-saving submersible pumps. New Energy Saving (ES) Series pumps are fully submersible sump/effluent and sewage pumps that are more energy efficient than other similar pumps. While ES Series pumps draw less energy, their innovative design enables these pumps to deliver greater flow and overall performance. Over the lifespan of an ES Series pump, users can realize hundreds of dollars in energy savings. Little Giant offers ES Series pumps in four sizes: The ES33 (1/3 hp), with 3/8-inch solids handling capability; and the ES40 (4/10 hp), ES50 (1/2 hp) and ES60 (6/10 hp), with 2-inch solids handling capability. Pump performance ranges from 40 gpm at 10 feet for the 1/3-hp Model ES33 to 127 gpm at 10 feet for the 6/10-hp Model ES60.Little Giant® Pump Co.