Low pressure hydraulic collet closers from Lexair, Inc. are designed for accurate repeatability in workholding applications requiring fast loading and unloading of parts. The Lexair 5C Low Pressure Hydraulic Collet Closer operates at line pressure of 750 psi hydraulic maximum and accepts all standard 5C collets, while the 16C model operates at 2,000 psi hydraulic max. and accepts all standard 16C collets. The double-acting design of both models ensures positive opening and closing of the collet, and with fixed length operation, the collet and part do not move, maintaining desired part height. Their compact profile allows multiple units to be mounted on a fixture and operated simultaneously. Individual closers on the fixture can be coupled on two sides using special connector bushings, eliminating excessive piping requirements. Both models feature orientation holes in the base for precision alignment.Lexair, Inc.