Water quality and energy efficiency helped sway the owners of a new American castle to use FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe and fittings.

It's not often that you hear about a castle being built on American soil. So when one is built, it's little wonder that nearly every phase of its construction is watched closely by both the media and leaders in the building industry. And for the domicile that's fit for a king, so to speak, of course only the best interior products and features will do.

That was the feeling of Kim and Patricia Baker, who first got the idea to build their regal residence nearly five years ago (although Kim professes an interest in medieval history that dates back about 25 years). The project, which has now become known as The New American Castle, broke ground in 2002. The 18-plus-month project was slated for completion in late 2004. The three-story, 11,000-square-foot castle, located atop 75 wooded acres in Middlefield, MA, features the latest materials and technology. Unlike the dark, drafty castles that were built in Europe centuries ago, this new showpiece offers a comfortable, luxurious residence that is fireproof, soundproof and even earthquake proof. Every effort has been made to replicate the appearance of an old-fashioned castle on the outside, but with 21st century technology and some of the most luxurious amenities inside.

Kim Baker, a semi-retired, professional race car driver who is today also employed as an automotive engineering consultant, assumed primary responsibility for carefully selecting each and every product and material that is featured in the castle.

"I researched every aspect of this project thoroughly,"