By Steve Smith

The Radiant Panel Association will hold two Radfests this year, the first in April and another near Washington, D.C., in October 2005.

Radfest West will take place April 26-27 in Denver, CO, featuring speakers, seminars and a trade show. The festivities will also include an opportunity to enroll in the Radiant Basics and Radiant Precision classes.

Radfest West begins with an evening reception on April 26. The next day, breakfast roundtable discussions called RadNet Live, a name borrowed from the RPA's RadNet online bulletin board, will provide attendees with an interesting lineup of topics, such as estimating, solar-powered radiant, marketing and more moderated by some of the industry's leading authorities.

By mid-morning, Scott Friedman will present a keynote speech, combining humor and motivation. He will help participants master change, relieve stress and burnout, develop their own sense of humor and create more value in their careers.

The RadFest show floor opens at noon. The RPA anticipates having 50-60 displays. In addition to exhibits, the show floor will also feature three separate "Pit Stop"