Three new ASPE region chairpersons have been elected and two others were reelected.

Chapters of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers are organized into five geographic regions, each of which has a chairperson who is the primary officer for that region and who is responsible for region and chapter operations within the region. At recent ASPE meetings, three new region chairpersons were elected and two others were reelected.

Donald Keith, C.I.P.E., Washington, D.C., chapter was elected region 1 chairperson; Edward Liggett, Cleveland chapter, was reelected region 2 chairperson; Dennis Barger, Central Florida chapter, was elected region 3 chairperson; Jeff Ingertson, C.I.P.E., Los Angeles chapter, was elected region 4 chairperson; and Brian Salisbury, C.I.P.E., Minnesota chapter, was reelected region 5 chairperson.